CanMUG – Mission & Constitution

Canadian Maximo User Group


The mission of the CanMUG is to provide a forum in Canada to explore, share expertise, discuss theory and develop knowledge amongst peers. CanMUG is a national community of like-minded Maximo users and professionals engaged in helping each other find new and better ways to solve problems and achieve business goals. The user group was started in 2002 (operating as WCMUG) with three simple objectives:

To help users create a network of Maximo users, peers and subject matter experts.

To provide a forum to share ideas and discuss best practices.

To bring education and training on Maximo and implementation strategies to Canada.

Constitution – Policies

The CanMUG will be run as a non-profit and is self-governing.

The Steering Committee, members, and member representatives must adhere to the objectives and charter.

The CanMUG will not be responsible for non-disclosures between companies and members. It is assumed that any information shared at a CanMUG meeting or through a CanMUG communication is not sensitive information.

Constitution – Membership

Membership is open to:

A Licensee of Maximo

IBM Employees

IBM Maximo Business Partner Employees

** Membership entitles a member to receive all mailings, emails and attend meetings (charges may apply).
** The CanMUG Steering committee will review on an annual basis the membership guidelines and membership fees. Currently, there are no membership fees (meeting fees may apply).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the governing body of the CanMUG. Responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

Approval of: CanMUG Meeting Schedule (and associated presentations)

Approval of: CanMUG Meeting Location / Venue

Approval of: CanMUG Meeting Logistics

Approval of: CanMUG Facilitator

Additions / Modifications to Steering Committee Members

Participation in the CanMUG Meetings & Conference Calls

For more information, please contact the CanMUG Steering Committee.